En sentido figurado... / Figurative Meaning...

 I just wanna start saying so sorry if today's joke it's so bad or missunderstable... It's some kind of hard to write some strips or to translate some joke to english 'cos I don't get a lot of idioms, so... if anybody could help telling me if the joke is understandable (and funny) or if there's some other way to tell it better... I'm at your feet :)
Thanks beforehand!
 And, once again, sorry for my poor english :P 

Que alguien llame a Super Mario! / Somebody call Super Mario!!

Buenas, maj@s!!
Disculpad el retraso pero, entre fiestas y quehaceres varios posteriores a estas no he podido regresar con Pedro y Lobo tan pronto como tenía planeado...
No obstante, por aquí andamos de nuevo :)

¡Saludos Lanudos!
Hy, pals and ladies!
Excuse me for the 'little' delay in coming back with Pete and Wolf but, with all that christmas holidays and some stuff I had to do after, I couldn't take'em back as soon as I'd thought...
So... here we go again! :)
Woolin' Cheers!