En sentido figurado... / Figurative Meaning...

 I just wanna start saying so sorry if today's joke it's so bad or missunderstable... It's some kind of hard to write some strips or to translate some joke to english 'cos I don't get a lot of idioms, so... if anybody could help telling me if the joke is understandable (and funny) or if there's some other way to tell it better... I'm at your feet :)
Thanks beforehand!
 And, once again, sorry for my poor english :P 

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  1. Jajaja.... claro... ibas con primeras!!!! XD

  2. Siempre! Si el pobre Lobo es un inocentón... Sólos sabe ir con directas xD

    Saludos! Gracias por pasarte!

  3. Sorry for the slow reply. I hadn't noticed you were doing comics again!

    I think the joke reads well enough in English. Lobo is asking an innocent question, and the woman misunderstands it as something dirty. It would be funnier if "put a wolf at your lodge" was an English idiom, but I can't think of a good substitute off the top of my head.

    I'll see if I can think of something.

    1. Thank you very much!!!! I'm having a little stop in drawing 'cos I'm in a really weird and busy days with studying, working and all that crap :P

      I'll try to be back soon and, I hope, a little more regular :)

      Thanks again for the help!!! See ya around!!

  4. I don't really know if there's a way to do the joke so it works in English so that the 'wolf' part works. I think the English reader just has to take the time to understand that there's a Spanish idiom pertaining to "Putting a wolf in your lodge" which I take to mean something sexual, but in this case him just asking for a room.

    1. Hi!! Thank you very much for your time!!
      And thanks for your aportation... I'm with you in that point, so in every language, if the reader ain't mind-opened you don't have anything to do about it... :)

      I'd like to learn idioms and several puns in english to make better translations of the strips or directly write'em in english ... that's why I'll thank so much any kind of contribution and would appreciate any help or correction ...

      Thanks again! (and sorry for taking much time for answer xD)


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